The Euclid project is a library of drawings that may be used as a reference when creating volumes for climbing walls.  The drawings contain overall reference dimensions for volumes as well as the individual panel properties that make up the volumes.  These drawings are for reference only and the builder is responsible for material selection, assembly processes, mounting provisions and additional support structure when necessary.  Euclid will be updated weekly with new drawing packages.

Note: With the exception of DWG-0001, I review all of the dimensions in the drawings against the part models prior to posting.  You should be ok on those, but it would be a good idea to build a mock-up for DWG-0001 volumes prior to cutting wood until I’ve reviewed them as well.  I expect that to be done with the next update.

Last updated: September 17th, 2015 (next update will be delayed until…  sometime in the near future)

Current volume count: 183


Pyramid Volumes:

DWG-0001: 3 Panel, Box Corner, Symmetric

DWG-0002: 4 Panel, Symmetric

DWG-0004: 3 Panel, Equilateral Base, 24″ Width

Gem Volumes:

DWG-0003: Crystal, Nine Panel, Common Draft